Every physical page may contain sensitive information that must be destroyed properly. That is a tiny amount of information when compared to what is on a single hard drive. A database may contain millions of records that could be used for identity theft or to steal your trade secrets.

hard drives for shredding in Los Angeles, CARecycling your old computers or donating them to an LA facility without removing the hard drives is like playing a game of Russian roulette with your data. Maybe the new owner overwrites the data with their own or maybe they run an un-delete tool to get the information back.

There are various ways to delete data on a drive. Simply putting files in the trash bin does nothing to destroy the data and it can be retrieved in minutes. If you have time, you can buy software that will overwrite the data, but be prepared for it to slowly hit every segment on the drive. 

Alternatively, you can physically destroy the drive. This make it impossible for the the drive to function and date to be removed. After the drives are destroyed the precious metals are recovered and the rest melted as scrap metal.

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