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Documents to Shred in Los Angeles

It is dangerous to leave the decision of what is important and what is not to your lowest level employees. They may or may not make the right decision. The risk increases when they are the ones responsible for the shredding. The most likely scenario is that many important documents will be put in the trash to reduce their own workload.

Businesses should keep a list of items to shred

Los Angeles Document Shredding has local contractors who provide mobile shredding services that come out to your location. Your private records are efficiently and cost effectively destroyed without slowing down your daily business activities. We will save you time, money, and employee time. There is nothing more important than keeping your focus on your LA business.

You get a locked containers for free to place around your office. As paper comes through the office, just have your employees place all the paper in the bin instead of the trash can. The bonus is all the paper will also be recycled after it is shredded.

Here is a list of documents that have sensitive information:  

  • Bank Statements
  • Unused Checks
  • Records from your Insurance Agency
  • Expired Contracts and Legal Documents
  • Outdated Medical Records
  • Credit Card Statements and Receipts
  • Customer Lists
  • Financial Records
  • Employee Records
  • Research and Development
  • Proprietary Data

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